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Our main areas of focus are medicine & supplies, medical devices, and brokering services.

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The One-Stop Pharmaceutical Market

We perform all activities in relation to the purchase and supply of medicines for
human use, except for wholesale distribution.


Suriname has a highly regulated pharmaceutical market. Besides national legislation, CARICOM countries under which, Suriname, initiated the Caribbean Regulatory System (CRS) in 2016. CRS supports marketing authorization and pharmacovigilance of medicines and vaccines in CARPHA Member States. CARPHA’s CRS services are reviewing and recommending medicines and vaccines.
CRS receives support from PAHO/WHO, and PAHO-designated National Regulatory Authorities of Regional Reference (NRA/RR), namely Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, United States).

Medicines Supply Chain

There is sufficient warehouse and distribution capacity in the market, therefore, at METAMEDPHARMA we do not physically handle, stock, and distribute medicinal products. We are part of the supply chain without owning and physically handling the medicinal products. We partner with public and private market distributors who physically bring the products to the market.

METAMEDPHARMA is involved in negotiations with medicines manufacturers and wholesalers in Argentina, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey. We expect to register and market products from these manufacturers in late 2023.


Just as with medicines, our main objective is the availability of high-quality affordable products. We are resellers of the medical/hospital disposables manufactured by ANHUI KANGDA (China) as well as other medical/hospital disposables, sundries, and utensils from EU suppliers.

Our main areas of focus are disposable syringes and needles, insulin pen needles, and products used for infusion and transfusion therapy manufactured by KANGDA. We maintain close contact with our clients and distributors to tailor to the needs of the market.


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